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The purpose of this site is to bring forth discussions and experience with train excursions and travel throughout the world. 

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The feeling of exhilaration as the train comes into the station, blowing the horn, sounding of bells, squealing of the brakes, and hissing to a stop.  A start of a new adventure……….

Train Station – Martinez, California

Coast Starlight – Oregon

Bends & Curves IV

Coast Starlight – Tacoma, Washington

Train Station – Albuquerque

Bends & Curves III

California Zephyr – Colorado

More pictures from my last trip in December. Were these really form by natural causes or other beings before us?  Something I ponder while going through here.

Coast Starlight – Oregon

Empire Builder – Montana

California Zephyr – Latest Adventure

This was in early December on the California Zephyr from Sacramento to Chicago and then back. More photos and videos to come.

Train Museum – Western Railway Museum (Suisun City, CA)

Bends & Curves II

Train Excursion – Roaring Camp (Felton, CA)

Bends & Curves

California Zephyr – Sightseer Lounge Car

I was having breakfast in the diner and came across an empty “haunted” lounge car. There is some sort of image on the window. See if you can spot it.