California Zephyr – Sightseer Lounge Car

I was having breakfast in the diner and came across an empty “haunted” lounge car. There is some sort of image on the window. See if you can spot it.

California Zephyr – Colorado

The beauty of nature with trains.

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Train Station – Sacramento

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Caboose & Traveling Through The Lens of Trains

This was the first time I was on the last car of a train. I was imagining riding in a caboose during the wild west with cowboys and Indians trying to get on the train from their horses. I also enjoyed the 180° view but the car seems to rocked and moved more than the other cars. There was no cupola like there is no dome car on the current California Zephyr. Both has been put to pasture from commercial service but can be seen in trains museums across the country.  More information on caboose.

California Zephyr – Utah

Beautiful sunrise along the Bonneville salt flats.

Empire Builder – Oregon

Along the Columbia river with Mt Hood in the background. This trip was from Chicago to Portland. Whenever I’ve taken this route, I always wake up in the middle of the night when the train cars split up in Spokane as some cars go to Portland and the others to Seattle.

California Zephyr – California

Through the Sierra Nevada. Christmas tree heaven.

Empire Builder – Washington

Puget Sound

Coast Starlight – Southern California Coast

My first long distance train trip and one of my favorite routes on Amtrak from Los Angeles to Seattle. 

Southwest Chief – New Mexico

Coast Starlight – Central California

Mesmerizing clouds above the Salinas Valley.

Train Station – Los Angeles Union Station

The station is beautiful with architectural detail from art deco to modern.

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California Zephyr – Colorado

Along the majestic Colorado River.

Coast Starlight, Empire Builder & Southwest Chief

My last train trip in late August 2020 taking the Coast Starlight, Empire Builder & Southwest Chief. Amazing trip even though there was COVID restrictions including the meals.

Welcome Train Travelers

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The feeling of exhilaration as the train comes into the station, blowing the horn, sounding of bells, squealing of the brakes, and hissing to a stop.  A start of a new adventure……….